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Friday, October 8, 2010

RECYCLED Barn Wood Cabinets

This post is part of the "Show us your Life - Kitchen Tour" found on http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/.

Two years ago we down sized from 4,000 sq. ft. to 1.200 sq.ft.  Because I loved to cook I had a huge kitchen and LOTS of dishes and cabinets to keep them in and a walk in pantry.  So when we moved I had to weed through the dishes then figure out where to put the food in my new kitchen.  I like my new smaller kitchen better.  It's different and very me.  Here's the tour............ 


We used wood from an old barn.  I put a coat of clear laquer so that it would clean up easily.  Then added vegetable handles.

I used silver patterned tin for the wall above the cabinets as well as the back splash to bring more light into the room.  Here is something you might help me with....I am thinking about changing the light above the table to a crystal chandelier.  I like mixing rustic and formal.  What do you think?

Since I don't have a formal dinning room I combined my fromal table with some mixed chairs.  The floor is cedar that was cut and milled within 50 miles of here.

Instead of using glass in the upper cabinets I put in chicken wire with a blue and brown floral fabric behind.
For a pantry I already had some 12" deep white bookshelves from my old house that would fit perfectly along one of the empty walls of my new kitchen.  So I had a cabinet maker come out and measure for some doors.  I anchored the bookshelves to the wall painted the doors to match and I have a pantry I can find things in.

I like the 12" depth better than the deep pantries with drawers.  You never lose anything this way.  You just open a door and can easily see what you have.  Above shows the baking and breakfast area of the pantry.

 Above is a a copper tree that covers the vent above my stove.  It was made by a craftsman at Silver Dollar City and covers the ugly vent nicely.  It also helps bring in the red from the cedar floors and the copper accents of my stove.

I love love love cooking with gas.  When I found this stove on craigslist I snatched it right up knowing it was a perfect fit for my kitchen with stainless steel and copper accents.  (Finding this stove was a God thing because I live way out in the country and the people I bought it from were only 10 minutes away.  Nothing is to small for God in giving us the desires of our hearts!!)

My sink is another unique find.  It is cast iron with brown porcalian and is extra deep like the old farm sinks.  The window above it looks out to my front porch and the beautiful views beyond.  The counter tops were put in by my husband and daughter Heather.  They are ceramic tile with glass accents.

Well, thanks for coming by I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a blessed day.


  1. What a cool kitchen!! Those cabinets and the tile counter are very unique and cool!!


  2. I like it! It's different from so much mainstream stuff! Great job!!!

  3. What a great unique space!!! We remodeled our kitchen in the house before the one we live in now and we put up the metal tile on the backsplash and I always loved it and would really like to put it up again!!

  4. Yavonne,
    This totally gives me an idea of the person you are! I love it! Super unique, functional, and homey! I think the crystal chandelier would be lovely!

  5. wow! what a great, unique idea! I love the reclaimed barn wood- it makes your kitchen so special!

    The Eclectic Traditionalist

  6. Yavonne,
    First of all I love that you brought in your own personality into the space, calling it truly your own. The whole up-cycling of the cabinets was a great move, it really turned out great! I am sure in person the room speaks volumes.

    I am wondering what direction you want to take your look! but in anycase you could pull off a sizable chandelier find a great beat up one with some history behind it. They can be wired for pennies...It will give the room a finishing touch, a perfect piece with lots to talk about!
    Find some old cast off piece, or tag sale, yard sale, thrift store, start there and work your way up.
    Keep inspiring us with your charm.

    Wish I were close by to have a tour of it :)

  7. PS. I've just visited you and your beautiful family in your older posts and you can see the love :)

    Blessings to you and your family!

  8. wow... what a great idea!! you did it so well!! beautiful space!

  9. Hi from Southern Comfort in a Northern Life. Thank you for the sweet comments that you left on my blog.

    I just want to say that I really love your 'about me' page. It is beautifully written and I too am a sahm that has homeschooled for 3 years. (off and on during times of being transferred) I just love how you take pride in your 'job' because I do the same.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. You have an amazing kitchen. I love the way you made your pantry and I know exactly what you mean about the stove. You're right, it WAS a God thing. When we found the antique French provincial cabinet for our daughter's nursery on Craigslist, it was the same feeling. It was meant to be and everything lined up perfectly for us to be able to get it!

    I agree with you, I think a crystal chandelier would be very pretty in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your kitchen with us. I enjoyed the tour!

    God Bless,

  11. So unique and very very pretty!

  12. Love seeing everyone's kitchen this weekend! Love your pantry area and all the pretty glass canisters you have in there!

  13. Love that pantry! Decorative and functional!

  14. What a terrific find on Craigslist! It's a beautiful stove.

  15. Your kitchen is really awesome! I love your range!! Thanx for popping over earlier!:)

  16. I'm drooling over your barn wood cabinets, you'll have to wipe them down now, LOL. That copper tree vent cover is amazing!