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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Christian Film Coming Out

Grace waiting for next scene

We spent last weekend in St. Louis.  Grace is filming a Christian film called The Swing Set  and they are trying to shoot the last few scences they need before releasing the film in December or January.  The last scene that she is in requires a beach and we are kind of land locked.  The producer wants to make the 14 hour drive to get the scene.  So that means another road trip soon.

Getting ready to shoot
It has been fun seeing how movies are made.  I can say this...it takes several hours and several "takes" of the same scene to get just a few minutes of a movie especially when you are using one camera.  The young producer we are working with is Sean Hunt who is trying to break into the film industry.  He is a very talented young man and I think he will go far.  The crew working on the film are all students at a fine arts college in St. Louis.  They are a very dedicated and hard working bunch of young people.

Grace was excited to do this film because it was about having faith that God is sovergien in all things.  You can have a peace that passes understanding even in the darkest of trials when your faith lies in God and His unending love.  She plays Allison who is a cancer patient who never blames God for what is happening to her and encourages others to trust in Him as well.

I will be posting again about the movie when I have a date of its release.  In the meantime you can check out the teaser trailer http://seanhuntfilms.com/swingset.php . We ask for prayers that this film glorify God.

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. I'm catching up, Yavonne- this is an amazing opportunity!! How exciting- I hope we can somehow see it over here!

  2. Thanks we are very excited. I'll try and find out if it will be over there or if there will be a site where you can see it on the internet at some point.