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Welcome to my front porch. It is a place where I entertain friends, family, and strangers. Where I have discussions on a wide range of topics. It's where I have long talks with my husband and where I do most of my homeschooling. My porch is also a place of solitude. Where I go with a cup of coffee and my bible for quiet time in the morning and where I relax after a long day with a glass of wine and a magazine. So kick off your shoes, have a glass of sweet tea, sit-a-spell and visit.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Scenes Around the Farm

Ducks on the river.  It's really hard to get a picture of ducks. 
They are so shy they usually take off when they see me.

Missy our old, old, old, old bird dog.
She has arthritis in her legs so bird hunting is out.
But she still insist on going on walks with the family.

Sunrise from my front porch! 

The Cloud bank coming over the mountain was our next big snow storm on its way.

Cardinals are abundant around my bird feeder this time of year.
The river.................need I say more.  In the summer this is also a favorite swimming hole.
House/barn from the middle of the pasture.

This is Daisy our Norwich Terrier. She is my little shadow!
And she thinks she's a BIG DOG!!!
Gabbie our lovable energetic Chocolate Lab. 
Just look at that face
......"ooooozz a good puppy, yes oooo are"!!

Heather standing at the edge of the yard you can see the river in the
back ground is about 50' below. 
Yes, Gabbie likes to catch snowballs in her mouth.

That's all for now hope you are all enjoying your winter.


  1. THese are beautiful photos! Love the eagle; we used to see them in Alaska a lot- once on the beach as it was fishing. I can't believe you make your own soap- amazing! :)

  2. Awesome photos you have a lovely home.