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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

December Projects

2010 was the 400 year anniversary of the Galileo telescope.  The Hobbs Conservation Center had a class where you could build one, then go outside and use it along with the local astronomy club.  We had a wonderful time and learned a lot.

Next, Grace's harp teacher invited her to play her harp at a Civil War reenactment.  So after looking around for a costume I could find none in her size soooo....I made one.  The only authentic pattern I could find was a misses size Butterick.  Which meant I had to downsize from a misses size 6 to a child size 10.  Well, after about 25 hours of work..........................

MY SOUTHERN BELLE!!  We all had a great time at the reenactment!

Oh, and she is getting plenty of wear out of that dress...........she likes to put it on and play or just sit and read....

The first part of December also brought new livestock to the farm.  A friend of ours thought we needed pigs.  Since he had a 100 piglets in the last year he gave us four. 

Next are photos of some Christmas gifts.  I enjoy giving one-of-a-kind gifts when I can
Jessica wanted pillows for the head chairs in her dinning room.  She has a very beautiful and dramatic dinning room to see photos go to stylishhousewife.blogspot.com.  She did a post last fall!!

This gift was for a women's tea we have at the church every year.  The theme for our gifts was everything red and green.  So I dug into my button collection and made a Christmas tree pillow.  Then made an apron from a red Christmas fabric.
I also made cute aprons from a vintage pattern for my girls but didn't get a picture of them.
The main gift for my grand babies was a group effort.  We bought them dolls, Steve made the doll beds, Grace made bedding for the beds and I made an extra set of clothes for each. 
It's hard to tell but the beds and clothes are in the foreground. 
It was a joy to love on these two precious girls over the holidays!!!

Grace had several harp performances during the holidays and needed a dress.  I found one that I bought for my oldest daughter when she was about Grace's age.  It has been handed down through the family until I got it back about two years ago.  Grace is the fifth girl to wear it.  It was a plain black sleeveless valour dress with a plain black valour jacket.
I added a little red velvet, black lace and trim....Tadaa....a whole new dress with no money spent because everything I used was left over from other projects.  She was happy and I thought she looked very elegant and she played beautifully!!

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  1. You were so creative this Christmas! Love all of your projects.