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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Pillows

Since my family home schools my kids don't have the benefit of a school Valentine's Party.  So for an alternative several years ago I made Valentine's pillows for each of us and every year I would set them out and we would all make Valentine cards for each other and for other friends and family.  Then we would put them in the pocket of each others pillow.  Also, any cards that came in the mail from Grandparents would also be put in the pocket of the pillow to be opened on Valentine's Day along with any treats.

The kids seemed to really enjoy the tradition and instead of coming up with different boxes every year we had the pillows and could put all our creativity into the cards which have turned into keepsakes for me.  Anyway, you might want to add the Valentine pillows tradition in your house or just make a few for decoration!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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