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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Cat Thinks He's a Chicken

Everytime I go out to the chicken house my cat, Stormy, comes with me.  I don't let him in the gate he climbs over the 8' deer fence to get in.  The chickens go nuts cackling and running off and he just saunters around like he owns the place.  He doesn't bother any of the chickens he will even walk right thru the chicken door and check out the hens setting on nests and never bother them.

Even though my cats, dogs, and chickens live in harmony right now.........I'm afraid Stormy might think of the chicks as more of a snack than just something interesting to look at sooooooooooooo...PROJECT!!!!  Steve is going to put an electric fence on the outer perimeter to discourage Stormy and others who might find baby chicks "fun to play with".

The projects never end.  I think the list just gets longer.  At least right now it does.

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