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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hen Update

Well, I guess I can't count or something.  We still don't have hatched eggs.  But I hear peeping coming from some of the eggs.  I called the county extension office and talked to their poultry expert.  He told me to give it a few more days.  I also learned that fertile eggs will keep for up to 7 days at 70degrees.  Which means next time I can stick several eggs under my hen.

We have an older chicken coop that I'm converting into a brooder.  It has an attached yard and an automatic door.  All I have to do is build a few ramps and put in some nesting boxes.  This will work well for the next time I have a hen get broody.  I'm going to isolate her in here and keep her and the chicks together but away  from the flock for at least the first 7 days.

I have a building project right now and that is to build a small "cage" with 2 3/4" openings.  I will put the chick feed in here so when I introduce the little ones to the flock the adults can't get to their food and they will have a place to go if they start getting picked on.  Another porject is to build a small ramp for the little ones to get back into the coop.  It's no problem for the adults to step up 4-5" but I dont't think the chicks could do it.

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