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Welcome to my front porch. It is a place where I entertain friends, family, and strangers. Where I have discussions on a wide range of topics. It's where I have long talks with my husband and where I do most of my homeschooling. My porch is also a place of solitude. Where I go with a cup of coffee and my bible for quiet time in the morning and where I relax after a long day with a glass of wine and a magazine. So kick off your shoes, have a glass of sweet tea, sit-a-spell and visit.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Broody Hen

Meet my broody hen (I stopped naming my chickens because everytime I named one the racoons would get one for a midnight snack).  Day 21 will be this Sunday, November 13.  There were 6 eggs under her to begin with but after candeling them only 4 looked like they had chicks.  So far she is doing a great job keeping the eggs warm, keeping her nest clean, and getting enough food and water.  The next test will be when the eggs start to hatch she has to give them enough room to break the shell but not let them get too cold.  Her instincts have been great for this long I think she will do well.

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